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I think my daughter has Tourette's but dh disagrees

Looking for some gentle advice here.

My dd is 5 years old and is constantly blinking, gulping, shrugging her shoulders, jumping up and down in place ect. I tell her to stop, to calm down and all the other things a mom would say to her child. She tells me she will try, but that she can't. After doing some reading tonight I am 90% sure that she has Tourette's and not a mild form of it.

I have brought this up to dh several times and he has all but forbid me to go to talk to her doctor. He thinks she will be labeled incorrectly and I will ruin her whole life. I really don't understand it. I don't understand why he won't get her help. She is obviously struggling.

We homeschool so she hasn't been in many class like settings but when she tics nearly the entire time.

I hope someone on here has some experience with this and can offer me some sort of advice...
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