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Re: Do you regularly cook breakfast for your family??

Typically 3/5 mornings out of the work week breakfast burritos are made. Eggs, sausage, beans, green peppers, and onions, then I also put salsa in my tortilla. On busy, busy mornings, its just plain, unsweetend oatmeal with a banana smashed up in it. Other than cheerios, we don't even keep cereal in the house, and we haven't had milk for about a week. (Lost our WIC and refuse to buy it in the hopes we might still find it.. but... I don't really miss the milk at all except for if we'd need it for cooking anything.) We don't do waffles or poptarts or anything like that either. Most days, DS does not eat breakfast, mostly because he doesn't get hungry until brunch.

ETA: I'm a working mom. All our preparations are done during the weekend. I make a casserole dish or two - one for suppers throughout the week, and the other so we can pack our lunches. We cook the ground sausage, we cut up the peppers and onions, and rinse the beans and put them all in their own separate tupperware containers so that in the morning all we have to do is crack the eggs, scramble, and then toss in equal parts sausage/beans/onions/peppers, then toss it all in a tortilla with salsa and cheese. Takes all of 15 minutes. The only way we can eat home cooked meals is doing it this way. Otherwise, there'd be n o time and we'd be eating taco bell, mcdonalds, wendy's, etc, adn then things like cereal or poptarts for breakfast.
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