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Re: Why is making yoghurt such an issue?

Originally Posted by coffeemama View Post
Subbing to read this thread later. I have tried making yogurt in the crockpot and 50% of the time it doesnt thicken so I quit but, would love to start doing it and have it work EVERYTIME!
I used to use a milk cooker to boil milk and the yogurt never set right /was runny. I used the milk cooker to avoid forgetting that the milk is on the stove.

Now,on stovetop, I invariably let the milk over boil and its all over the stove. Dh says we housewarm everynight. (In India, housewarming is done by letting a pot of milk boil over and spill, you add molasses/sugar to it and drink it, the idea behind it being that everybody hopes for happiness to spill over in the new house. So he jokes that even after a bad fight some days, his DW is spilling over with happiness!)

Anyway, so Im guessing your crockpot too is just heating the milk and not boiling it. Stovetop may be your route.

I would recommend that you boil milk when you are in the kitchen so you can keep an eye on it-maybe while you are making dinner/breakfast.

Would pictures of the process help you guys?
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