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Re: Do you regularly cook breakfast for your family??

I want to, but at this point, I am getting up 3 or 4 times a night to go pee, and I am constantly exhausted, plus standing at the stove for any real period of time is rough.

If I don't provide a breakfast, my family won't eat. DH eats cereal but he won't put it together in the morning. DD1 won't eat cereal. And neither will put together any other breakfast one will cook eggs, no one would heat up oatmeal, no one will even drop a english muffin in the toaster. They don't care, they don't get mad if I don't cook, they simply won't eat breakfast. DH might grab something on the way to work or at work, usually not, and DD1 just won't eat.

And they don't care so if I am not feeling like making anything, I try not to let it bug me, but it does. I don't think it's healthy, I know that they both tend to function better and feel better if they have at least a small breakfast and when I DO make something, they both REALLY appreciate it. So, I TRY to provide SOMETHING most mornings. Currently, I have a stack of homemade egg mcmuffins frozen in the freezer and they have been microwaving those before they leave, so I plan to make more today. When not ready to drop a baby any day, I will make scrambled eggs, often with veggies and cheese scrambled in, fried egg sandwiches with cheese, pancakes, waffles, and with either of those I usually try to make different kinds, like banana or blueberry, etc, for variety. On weekends I will get a bit bigger, add some hashbrowns and/or bacon, sausage, sometimes I make biscuits and gravy but since I can't stand biscuits and gravy I don't make it often.

I usually make something for the two little ones but DD3 eats very few things so there are very few things I will make for her. DD2 eats everything so if the other two get a homemade breakfast, she gets whatever I made, if they didn't (different wake up times) then she usually gets scrambled eggs and loves it.
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