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Cramps, back pain, generally uncomfortable.

I didn't think all of this was supposed to happen this early. I'm just over 9 weeks. I'm having cramp like pain - not bad, just uncomfortable. Also, lower back pain. The pain feels like it goes into my thighs/legs. It's been going since lastnight. I took some tylenol after trying to fall asleep for 2 hours without being able to. That helped, took the pain almost completely away, and I was able to sleep.

I thought it might have been from constipation/pressure. I have not REALLY gone to the bathroom good in over a week. I went a little yesterday, and am hoping to REALLY push the fluids today and get some more out (TMI, sorry)... but the tylenol wouldn't likely help if that was the cause, right? I can't REALLY say for sure that it is uterine cramping that I'm feeling. Just a general uncomfortable feeling in my lower abdomen.
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