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Re: Just need to's another spanking thread

So many parents get far too caught up in the "tool" for discipline (like the labels for AP) that they miss how to actually use it. This applies for every form of discipline from spanking, to time out, to positive reinforcement, to praise, to ignoring, to talking it out, etc.

It's like a bunch of mechanics who get together and talk about their super cool pneumatic wrenches and how everyone must have a super cool pneumatic wrench in order to be a good mechanic. Then half of them go to their shops and use their wrenches to blow air or beat at the lugnuts and wonder why they can't get the tires of the cars, while the others manage to get the tires changed quickly with little effort.

I think it has very little to do with toxins as I see kids who eat awful who can still manage to behave very nicely and I see kids who eat wonderfully who can still be holy terrors.

I have seen parents who spank have terribly behaved children. I have noticed this much more frequently with parents who threaten and threaten and threaten and then finally follow through. I have seen parents who don't spank have terribly behaved children. Sometimes it's because they just chalk it up to kids being kids and accept the poor behavior, but usually it's because they just don't give ANY consequence for it. Instead they just talk about it and think they've done the best they can.
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