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Re: How would you handle this?

I hate class punishments. When I was teaching pre-k and we had a class issue I always pulled out the kids not misbehaving and they were rewarded in front of the class. Sometimes it is hard to pinpoint who is not behaving and who is, but I found most of my kids to be pretty honest about letting me know who wasn't misbehaving. It was always kind of funny, the kids usually didn't want their friends to get punished for something they didn't do. It takes more time then assigning punishment to the whole class, but its pretty effective.

I would probably send her an email asking specifically what the behaviors were and what his involvement if any was. Reiterate that you want to make sure to further correct the situation at home, but can't until you know what it actually was. She could have said fine because she didn't have time for anything else, she could be thinking that its over and done with (even though its not for you) and quite possibly she could have been mad- I bet you weren't the only parent who sent back a note. While I don't agree with class punishment if most of the class sent the note back complaining (or expressed to their children or in front of their children) about how ridiculous or unfair or whatever it is that takes away her authority. She was probably fuming when she said fine. Fine is my I can't talk about this right now I need to breath a bit first reaction. If she doesn't respond to the email by Monday afternoon, I would go to the principal. Not to complain about the punishment (although I probably would) but to complain about the lack of communication. She has to communicate with you- you are really partners in this.

Regular communication is suppose to go through the homework folder at our school, but for more serious stuff most parents email or call. We send little notes in the folder, but anything more serious then "she's leaving early today" gets emailed. And I almost always email questions.
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