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suede cloth sensitivity?

What does suede cloth sensitivity look like? My daughter has been wearing flips with a newborn flips insert for a month or so. The last two weeks she has been in the flips with flips disposable inserts then yesterday I switched her back to the newborn inserts and she developed her very first rash about 1/2 through the day. She had two small welts and she looked red and irritated.
After that I made sure to change her as soon as she peed and did lots of air time between changes and used CJs before putting her in a new diaper. By bed time it looked a lot better. For bed I put her in a BG 4.0 and when she woke up this morning her whole diaper area was red like a sun burn. It's not ammonia burn because the diaper didn't smell of ammonia at all.

Could she have developed a suedecloth sensitivity?

Thanks for the help mamas!
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