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Re: Natural Family Planning Advice

Originally Posted by janellenowitzke View Post
My doc does not prescribe birth control for religious reasons. Also, I am breast feeding so I know that birth control can affect supply. My doctor suggested the Billings Ovulation Method but I couldn't find anyone to teach us after my last daughter was born, hence my second daughter arrived. Anyone have advice on this? Or know of other BC methods that won't affect my supply if I were to find another doctor?
I got the Mirena IUD after 2 of my babies. I never had any side effects and it didn't interfere with nursing. I believe there is also the copper IUD that doesn't have any hormones involved if hormones are an issue for you. After my 3rd LO my husband and I practiced the highly scientific pull out method for 2 years. I knew roughly when I ovulated and we just kinda stayed away from those days. It worked for us. I've also heard that the mini pill is good while nursing, but I've never been on it.

Personally, I would get a new doctor. I am all for people having their own religious beliefs, but when it interferes with my medical care and health then its time for me to move on. If you have the same religious convictions then that's a different story, but if you don't, his/her religion shouldn't dictate your family planning. Just my .
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