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Re: Can someone help me answer this "birds and bees" question for my 5.5 yr old?

Originally Posted by Van1300 View Post
I like the 'puzzle concept', I'll have to remember that when she starts asking about sex. My DD is almost 3 and she is really interested in body parts. I'm pregnant with a boy so we've been round and round about me and her having a "V" and boobies/breast milk and Daddy (and the dog) and the new baby having a "P". She likes to point them out on people and ask about it in public a lot

I think 5-6 y/o is a good age to talk in simple, but honest terms. I remember learning about sex when I was that age from two girls who had older siblings. Their versions were way wrong and I asked my mom and she cleared it up for me. I don't know if your daughter goes to school yet or has neighborhood friends, but I would assume that she might have heard about it somewhere else first!
No, she does not go to school, and she does not play with any kids without OUR direct supervision, and all of her playmates are ones that we know their families closely and this is not a topic that has come up.

I was pregnant when she was 3 going on 4, and now again, when she is 5 going on 6.

Also, she has seen cows give birth, and we've had pretty extensive conversations (just me answering her questions but WOW she has a LOT of questions!) about chickens and eggs and how they are fertilized, etc.

She knows a mommy has an egg and a daddy has a sperm and that the two have to get together to make the baby. Once they meet the baby starts growing.

Here's how some of the convo went yesterday:

DD: How did your egg get fertilized?
Me: Mommy's have eggs and Daddy's have another part and when they come together, they fertilize the egg and it grows into a baby.
DD: What other part do Daddy's have?
Me: It's called sperm.
DD: How did the sperm get to your egg?
Me: The Daddy gives the sperm to the Mommy for the egg.
DD: Did he hand it to you? How did it get to your egg?
Me: Remember where Mommy's have their eggs?
DD: Yes, in their tummy's........ So you swallowed it then? You swallowed the sperm?
Me: No.
DD: Then how did it get to your egg?
Me: Do you remember where the baby comes out?
DD: Yes, the private parts.
Me: Yup. So that is where the sperm has to go to get to the egg.
DD: So you put the sperm inside your vagina?
Me: Kind of.
DD: How did that feel mommy? Did it feel funny?
Me: We'll talk about it more another time.

I feel like I failed. Ugh. I know next time it comes up I need to just give straight forward answers. I just don't want to give too much info too soon. KWIM?

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