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Re: Possible induction for high BP and really nervous

Heather, why don't you see how you feel about stripping membranes when you find out how dilated you are? You might feel okay with that. IMO, it's far less invasive than any meds or breaking water. And it might/might not work, but it would be worth a try, and better to try now than wait until you are at a deadline of some sort and pressured into something you really don't want. KWIM?

I had a membrane sweep with my ODD AND I agreed to AROM b/c they threatened me with a c/s b/c of FTP after I'd only been at the hospital for like 3 hrs with no progress. I delivered within 9 hrs or so (IIRC)

When my water was leaking with my DS, my MW did a gentle membrane sweep, and I drank a whole bottle of castor oil AND did nipple stimulation for hours. He was not born that day, despite getting into a good contraction pattern and dilating to a 5 (this is when I was telling you before about labor stopping b/c of my mom coming in). A week later, my membranes were stripped again and he was born within 24 hrs.

So, I think stripping membranes, while it's not something I consider ideal, is a good way to try to get labor going without being too invasive. Just kinda like telling the body, "Hey, I know you're on your way there, but could we hurry this up, please?" Not something that will throw you into labor if you aren't ready.

Anyway, just a thought.

I'm thinking of you today and hope you have a great doc. appt!

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