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Re: Help! Need recs for a WAHM-only stash

I have a 100% WAHM stash if you count Goodmamas (which I do because she started out as a WAHM and they are still sewn in the US by moms!) Anyway

Bugga Bugga Boutique
Baby Ten

though I could probably make a list a mile long for great WAHM fitteds, those three are some of my favorites. Bugga Bugga Boutique is especially fabulous.

Nana Pants By Betsy
Velvet Rabbit Cloth

We haven't used pockets in ages and a lot of the WAHMs I loved are not in business anymore, otherwise I'd have more suggestions for you!

Fleece Covers:
Wild Child for Babies
Sarah's Stitches (she also makes awesome wetbags!)

Wool Covers:
Sweetie Bird Fashions her stuff is AMAZING. She does mostly interlock, I think.
Joyful Girl Designs She does upcycled stuff. She also makes great wetbags! We have a big hanging pail from her that I <3

PUL Covers:

I am sure I am forgetting someone fabulous and will regret it later but those are the ones that come to mind first. =]
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