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Need to vent about my mother.

To say I’m really frustrated with her at the moment doesn’t really cover it.

I know how I’ve gone about becoming a Mom isn’t exactly the norm. And I get that she would have preferred if I found Mr. Right and went about it the traditional way. Really so would have I… but it just wasn’t happening and I wasn’t getting any younger.

But I cannot cope with her current behavior towards my pregnancy. Up until now she’s been cautiously supportive… and curious. But now that I’m passed 12 weeks and ready to start telling people… she’s acting like I’m an unwed teenage mother and it’s the 50’s. She’s pretty much flat out refused to tell any of the extended family. Now I know a lot of people will say… well it’s your news you should tell. But in our family news travels by the “kids” (the youngest is married and 27) telling our mothers the exciting news what ever it is… then the mother tells her sisters and sisters tell their kids etc until everyone knows. So by refusing to do this she’s effectively showing everyone she disapproves. (ok so I don’t think she actually sees it this way I think she’s really just afraid of everyone’s reaction but it’s still the message she’s sending)

I’m not 16. I’m 33. It’s 2012. I’m independent, educated, own my home, have a great job and make an awesome living at it. I didn’t get myself knocked up I made a conscious choice that I wanted to be a parent and went through a Fertility Clinic. There is nothing to be ashamed of here and it really hurts me that she’s acting like there is.
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