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Originally Posted by MrsStripe

I was thinking something like this I know those are embroideries, but if you could free hand something like that, that's what I'm looking for. With some sort of gray shirt as a background short sleeve most likely so he can wear it with a shirt under while it is cold, but still wear it when it is warm.

I'm also thinking I need a turkey with a 2 on it so he can wear it on his birthday. I'm thinking dark green for this one and it can be long sleeve.
Oh that's just adorable, way better then the target shirt

Originally Posted by MrsStripe
And, while I post and you sleep. DH has to give his deposition for an accident we were in 2 years ago in about 10 minutes. So positive thoughts or dreams are appreciated.
Wow thats a long time!

Originally Posted by HookedByCarolyn
Good morning! I had a nice multi-quote, but DS ate it.
Anjuli, I hope your little guy is doing okay!
Kat- I hope yours starts feeling better soon! I hate stomach bugs! Encourage lots of hand washing!

I need to make some sort of KAL cheat card for usernames vs real names. I can't see siggys on my phone.
Me too lol When your done pm it to me lol ;p
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