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When to refund

I sent out a package on the 24th of Sept. On the 26th of Sept the dc was saying out for delivery. Then it says not updated instead of delivered. The buyer pm'd me today saying she never received the package.

I called our local PO who gave me the number for her PO. The other PO spoke to the carrier. The carrier does not remember delivering any packages to the address.

As the diaper I sold was only 6ppd I did not get insurance on it. I assume if the buyer doesn't get the diaper I must refund her the money. My question is how long do I wait to see what happens to the package before I refund her? I don't want to refund then it shows up. Or refund and it arrives back here. Because then I can just send it back to her. I don't want to be playing refund tag.
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