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Re: Those of you that have had late losses (10+ weeks)...

Originally Posted by leyash View Post
Those of you that have had late losses, 10 weeks or later...

Did you ever "know" something was wrong?
Did you have the typical morning sickness and stuff?
Did your symptoms vary at all throughout the pregnancy?
What was the first sign that you were miscarrying?

I know, I need to not worry... however, it scares me to death. I am 9 weeks, and though I am nearing the second trimester, this doesn't make me feel better for some reason. We saw the heartbeat on the ultrasound... and hoping we can hear it next week with the doppler at the doctor.
It was my first pregnancy so I didn't know anything was wrong until looking back on it. Yes, I had MS but not to the degree I did with later pregnancies. I think the most profound thing looking back is that my breasts weren't sore like they were in later pregnancies. First sign was spotting, that happened long before I began cramping. I hadn't had an u/s yet, that wasn't supposed to happen until the day after I actually miscarried. I was 14w along, my dr dropped the ball BIG time here. Light pinchy cramps are totally normal and after you hear/see the hb the possibility of mc decreases drastically. I understand how you feel, I was always terrified after that. And if it makes you feel better, with my second son I had no symptoms at all except for being really tired (but I had a 3month old baby too! No m/s, no sore breasts, nothing. He was my easiest pregnancy. If I hadn't had the belly I would have been on the "I didn't know I was pg" show. Hopefully you are just going to enjoy a really easy pregnancy with your last, mama.
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