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Re: Need to vent about my mother.

I am so sorry. Dh and I chose to start trying and got pregnant before we got married. We did not think twice about it. I now my mom was a little apprehensive and it was like once we got married as I was pregnant everything was ok. I was 29. Mind it my mother got pregnant before she was married, not planned, and she was 17.

I can not even tell you though how many times she told me when I was 24-26 that "when I was your age I ahd 3 children by now." My response always was--"umm ok so who was the idiot." I did not feel she was an idiot but she was trying to make me feel as if I did not have my life together bc I was not married or had children--Oh I had a teaching job, coached, and had my own place--but I guess that did not matter.

My point--Moms have these expectations of us that I am not sure where they come from. They want the perfect life for us but they do not realize that our perfect life is not the same as what there idea of a perfect life is.

Every pregnancy I have had there has always been some reason why my mom was not so excited about it. First baby-not married yet. Second-Dh decided to change careers so he could be a better father and all of my mothers fears went on us. Third--We were going to move again 4th I am crazy to have another baby.

I don't really listen to my mother anyway lol
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