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Re: Need to vent about my mother.

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post
I'm sorry she's being so strange about it. It does sound like suddenly she's being "old days" minded. Boo.
Not sure how to go around things to let everyone know - maybe just wait until a family gathering and then everyone will see/know? When they ask why they haven't heard, turn it around on her - mom knew, I don't know why she didn't tell everyone.
Well we have family dinner this weekend for Thanksgiving... but I'm completely at a loss what to do. I'm not showing at all yet so it won't be obvious... and there won't be another fmaily dinner until Christmas which 1. Is probably getting a bit late as i'll be nearly 6 months. and 2. I may not even be there since my father and i are hoping to be at the cabin.

As for this weekend... I didn't really want to annouce in a big family gathering. People don't always have the best imediate reaciton... so i really would have rather they'd had a heads up and a little time to get their filters on. Time to consider what are inappropriate questions etc (seriously i do not want to be discussing the mechanics of an IUI over turkey dinner.)

I also don't want to annouce and have my mother doing her tight lipped disapproving thing in the corner as it would just further communicates disapproval. Lets face it the family is going to take their cues on how to treat me from my imeadiate family.

I know she is worried about how people will react... but she's not seeing that see can really affect how they react with her own behavior. She's made a few comments about maybe the family will disown you... which seriously if you know my family you'd know is just the silliest statement ever. In fact one aunt already has a Single Mom by Choice niece on her husbands side and they absolutly dote on that great niece. And to be perfectly honest I don't think it'll be a paticular shock to anyone in the family... we're all a little odd. I worked in child care for years everyone knows i love kids and want my own.

I really don't know what to do now... I mean if i annouce now... 12 weeks it looks like I wanted to do the annoucing which is better then it coming out later like it was bieng hidden. But if she's acitng disapproving well kinda undermines the whole thing.
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