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Thumbs down As property owners, can we be held liable? *RESOLVED, THANKS MAMAS!*

Question for any law-smart DS mama's until my husband can get home & contact our attorney to find out for sure.

Just had a knock at my door. A preacher here in town is wanting to know our insurance information. To explain why....

We own some property here in town. It's 5 lots with a trailer on it. Nothing fancy. About a year ago, Dh allowed his cousin, his girlfriend, and the girlfriends adult son to rent the place. They've completely trashed the place. They live like, I hate to say it, TOTAL SKANKS. If I had it my way, they would have been gone a LONG time ago, but it's Dh's family and I just stay out of that mess. Long story short... when/if they decide to move, the trailer is being tore down & hauled in for scrap. It is THAT bad.

Moving on. Because the only thing of value is the property & the fact that they lived so disgusting, Dh never saw it necessary to carry insurance on it. (I know, I know.)

About a month ago, his cousins dog bit the preacher when he was on the property for whatever reason. We were not there. We NEVER go over there. He brings us rent, continues to live there, and Dh gave up on repairs a LONG time ago because of how filthy they are. You literally just can't walk in the house without getting physically ill. Yes, the appropriate agencies have been notified and have even visisted. But since there are no children living there and we are not a zoned area, they do nothing about it.

So to get to the point....

Can we be held liable for his cousins dog biting this guy simply because we are the owners of the property, even though it is NOT our dog? Or is the owner of the animal help liable?

Like I said, Dh will call our attorney this evening to find out for sure... but I'm a little panicked right now & wondering what DS mama's think or know on this situation.
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