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Re: Found this blog about Snap Benefits

When I lived in Idaho we were on SNAP. We paid tax if we used a manufaters coupon, but not a store coupon. We also got 5 cents off for every fabric bag we brought to use, but had to pay 3 cents in tax because that rung up as a coupon. I did buy some junk, but tried to keep it as healthy as possible. We recieved just under $700 a month for a family of 5, and most months I had between $50- $100 left from that month. The money does roll over to the next month and we were able to use the excess to get us through the month between us moving from Idaho and my DH getting his first check at his new job.
I really do think it would be harder to be single and have to buget the little bit of money you get then to provide for a family. Most places I shop buying larger cuts of meat and the cases of produce are cheaper then buying it in small amounts.
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