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Re: The 25lb Challenge October thread

I've been using MFP app and it helps me for half the day. Plugging in breakfast, lunch, and snacks are fairly easy. When it comes to supper, I get frustrated. How do you put homemade veg beef soup in? Homemade spaghetti? Homemade pot roast? Etc, etc, etc. It totally throws me off. Good thing is between watching what I eat and running, I'm usually left with 800-1000 calories for supper so I just tell myself SURELY I don't come near that or go over...right?? Eek. What do all your MFP users do when something is a homemade recipe and not a simple food or store bought?

Oh and despite the fact that it sounds like I'm consuming barely any calories...I AM! And I'm not losing weight either. There is a daily fluctuation between 145 and 150.
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