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Re: As property owners, can we be held liable?

Originally Posted by jbug_4 View Post
They can come after, they may or may not be successful though. With no knowledge of the dog being there you may be ok- depends on your state laws. I didn't ask that question to our atty. We found out when the ins company did a drive by the buyers had a unfenced pool. Our atty said we could be liable for any neighbor kid drownings just because my name was on the deed didn't matter if we knew or not, but I don't know if would have been the same for a dog. So we talked to the buyers and they agreed to fence it. I would evict them, they are just going to keep causing you problems.
While I have kept quiet about them so far due to them being Dh's family, I'm pretty sure this is the point I am at, and I'm not going to hold it in any longer. This is too much. This is the LAST thing we need on our plate right now.
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