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Re: Need to vent about my mother.

Originally Posted by dagmomma View Post
My point--Moms have these expectations of us that I am not sure where they come from. They want the perfect life for us but they do not realize that our perfect life is not the same as what there idea of a perfect life is.

Every pregnancy I have had there has always been some reason why my mom was not so excited about it. First baby-not married yet. Second-Dh decided to change careers so he could be a better father and all of my mothers fears went on us. Third--We were going to move again 4th I am crazy to have another baby.

I don't really listen to my mother anyway lol
Some mothers are like that - mine. Some are not like that at all and wonderful - MIL. I strive to be like her!

My parents have disapproved of every one of our pregnancies (and those are just the ones they know of, they know nothing of our m/c's). Lots of rude and gross comments, my mother even was wishing for our first baby (DD) to be miscarried. Disgusting.
They have disliked darn near every decision I/we have made, though, so I've just gotten used to it and choose to live our life and make our choices. They can either shut up and be with us, or stay away.

Originally Posted by KendallMarie View Post
I really don't know what to do now... I mean if i annouce now... 12 weeks it looks like I wanted to do the annoucing which is better then it coming out later like it was bieng hidden. But if she's acitng disapproving well kinda undermines the whole thing.
Hmm... it's a tough situation for sure. and good luck with whatever you decide.
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