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Next step?

I've just begun trying to PT DS (2.5 yrs) in the past two weeks. We're starting slowly, as I'm not sure if he's 100% ready for it. But, I'm expecting #2 in March and would love to have DS trained before then. I know you're not supposed to force it, but I really want to encourage trying to use the potty.

So far we're rewarding with M&M's for sitting on the potty, and have him in cloth trainers at home (Grovia & Bum Cheeks). He's asking to sit on the potty after diaper changes, but isn't getting the idea of actually going pee/poop in the potty. He's still only using trainers and diaper for elimination. I'm trying to get him on the potty every 40 mins to 1 hr. I'm thinking that they trainers that I have are too much like his regular CD's and he doesn't feel the need to change. I know this sounds selfish, but we're not into doing bare butt training right now because we just had our carpets cleaned (ridiculous, I know). I'm wondering if I should just get some undies for home day use, or if I should back off for now. Any experience and advice would be great. TIA!!
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