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Re: I don't WANNA go!!

Originally Posted by monkeymama07 View Post
haha.. how about someone mail me there kid and ill diaper it happily
Sure - BUT you are getting the preschooler. Where would you like me to address the box?

FYI - he requires ... a king size bed of which you will get to sleep on .00000015% of it but CAN NOT leave, he wants to do things HIMSELF so if you need to get anywhere may I suggest planning an extra 3 - 5 hours to get ready in the morning, he likes helping on the farm - so if you don't have a farm you will need to purchase a tractor and shares in a gas company so you can drive him around the fields for 10 - 12 hours per day so he can "help" - (please don't point out that driving a tractor around in circles does not ACTUALLY do anything to help on a farm) oh and you are going to need to hire a security gaurd to watch your 1) sugar bowl 2) toilet paper 3) doors EVEN with chains on them because he eats/unrolls/opens 5675000 times a day! HAVE FUN with your preschooler! I'd love to see before and after photos of your home!
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