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Re: Just need to's another spanking thread

I don't think it's spanking or not spanking that has kids these days acting the way that they do. I think it's a lack of discipline, period.

I can't tell you how many kids go to my kids' school that are so unruly, it's INSANE. Their parents will stand right there and WATCH them act out, and not even reprimand them. The kid gets away with it, and they push the line a little further the next time.

All I'm gonna say, is that when my kid is 20 years old, breaking into your car, stealing your stuff, you're going to WISH I would have spanked his little tail. That's all.

I think a lot of other parents need to have that mindset. We don't discipline because we ENJOY it, we discipline because it's our JOB as a parent.

Disclaimer: Again, not saying that spanking is the ONLY form of discipline. I just think parents need to discipline their kids more, when necessary, how they see fit. Not IGNORE their children and let them do what they want, for fear of hurting their feelings, or someone else's.
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