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Re: Cloth Wipes

Hi mama! I think this is a little like asking which diapers are best... you're gonna get a million different versions.
I use cloth wipes, DH still uses sposies (and if we use a sposie while out, we use sposie wipes).
How many? depends on the age of your kid and how often you wash. Assuming you have one infant... I would say 6,000 It's amazing how all these little stacks of wipes are ALL OVER the house and used for EVERYTHING! Wiping butts, messy hands and faces, runny noses, small spills, etc... So useful. You can never have too many. Minimum, I would say figure out the number of changes between washings, then allow 2 wipes per change.
Solution? I do a couple cups of warm water + a squirt of baby soap (California Baby) + a squirt of oil (I think right now it's almond oil?) in an old sposie wipes tub. I keep the wipes dry, and dunk/wring as needed. I put it in a squirt bottle for a long time, but something about the mix keeps gunking up my bottles and they would leak.
I toss them right in the wetbag with the dipes and wash exactly the same. Except the ones that wind up around the house... they get washed with general laundry (but haven't been used to wipe a butt).
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