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Re: Where to start?

Feelin like this kid is going to college in diapers. My son is 30 mo and screams "no" if we even mention sitting on the potty. He knows what it is, is fascinated with what other people do on it - as long as you dont suggest he does the same. My daughter was so easy - at 20 mo we gave a chocolate covered rasin for each success & "dont pee on the princes (in her princes undies) and we were done in less than a week. I know all kids are different, and boys are usually later. he is just so stubborn - with everything! He doesnt care that dinosaurs dont like to be peed on, doesnt care that there will be a reward, doesnt care that he can go in the big kid section of the Y, etc. I will check out the above mentioned book and welcome any other suggestions too.
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