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Re: As property owners, can we be held liable?

Originally Posted by mommajewels View Post
Alright.. Dh just called me back after getting off the phone with our attorney and it looks like I jumped the gun a bit.

Dh said the attorney literally laughed and said the Preacher does not have a leg to stand on if he is attempting to come after us because it was not our animal. He reassured Dh that in MO and especially our area, we are not required by law to carry any sort of insurance and the owner of the animal is the one held accountable for said animal. He said to tell the guy we have contacted our attorney and there are no laws in Missouri that are going to back him up if he is attempting to come after us, and he is welcome to contact him if he has any further questions but there is no need to discuss the matter with us any further.

Thank. Friggin. Gravy!

Thank you for the feedback ladies. It helped to be able to panic out loud until Dh got ahold of the attorney!
You may want to consider making changes now to avoid any future issues - evicting the people that are there and/or insuring the property you do have.
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