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Re: Cloth Wipes

I know there are probably a million thread on this, but I can't seem to get the search function to work
I've been here for years and have never got search to work lol!
So anyways...Im new to CD, and quickly realized that sposie wipes make diaper changes too complicated.

How many wipes would one need?
2 per diaper is a good start, so if you have 24 diapers, 50 wipes. I have 45 in rotation.
What type of solution?
I make my own from 2 cups boiled water, 1 squirt baby wash, 1 squirt baby oil. make sure to use boiled water, regular gets stinky.
DO you wash them the same as the dipes?
yep, roll the wipe in the dipe and in the pail!

as for extra info, if you accordian fold the wipes they "pop up' in a huggies container (not pampers) or a wipe warmer
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