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Re: First grovia and I am in love. Will these feelings continue?

I use Bumgenuis 4.0, but really wanted to try an insert diaper. I chose the Grovia because the insert snapped in. I initially loved it, but about the 3rd use I started to just be like it's okay. It is definitely trim and I like the snap closure. I like the mesh so there is no PUL exposed to baby, but it does make the number of times the shell can be reused way down as pee and poop seem to get on the cover often. I found the stay-dry insert bunched on my daughter in the crouch area and led to pee getting on the mesh almost all the time. It also led to some leaks. I started using prefolds as inserts and it holds her pee much better.

So, overall I would say that I love the cover, but the inserts didn't work for us.
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