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Re: Next step?

Let me start by saying this is all my opinion, you know your kid please disregard if this is completely crazy for you.

I probably shouldn't weigh in here because I have haven't done this in a while (my boys are 8 and 11). I just had a little girl (9 weeks) But I have to be honest, so many people on the DS website talk about potty training, potty learning like it should happen very early and very quickly...It doesn't.

My oldest son had 'accidents' until he was almost 4. He started potty training at 2.5, had a HUGE set back and then wouldn't sit on the potty again until he was 3. My other son didn't potty train fully until he was 3 to 3.5. But because we didn't force it the process was a lot smoother.

Yes, my boys wore 'sposies. But other than that we did everything you are doing m&ms, sitting on the potty at certain times, trainers, all that recommended stuff. If they aren't ready you can't make it happen. The huge set back my oldest had was because we were trying to make it happen. I left him alone with his father's mom and she tried to force it. He freaked out in a bathroom and scared the crud out of himself. He literally refused to sit on a toilet for 6 months after that.

My suggestions? Talk about going to the bathroom. Talk about the feeling of having to go. Let him watch his father go. (my sons were way more excited about standing up to pee, I didn't want the mess so I had tried to show them how to sit, they hated that and didn't go until their dad taught them to stand)

Read books about potty training. Everyone poops, The Princess and the potty (its a girl yes, but my boys loved it), My Big Boy Potty.

Don't even mention him using it. That feels like pressure at first, wait until he expresses an interest. Be like "What? you want to use it? Well, you ARE big enough..." like its a gift or something. I know that you can force a kid to use a toilet, but you don't want to do that. It ends in tears for everyone. But if you make using the potty part of the language of the house, make it look like it is something that they want to do it will happen a lot faster and with a lot less tears. You have at least 30 weeks before the baby comes. Give it a little space and time.
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