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Re: Just need to's another spanking thread

I'm a non-spanker and I hate that argument as well. Non-spanking does not mean no discipline. My kids have consequences, they just aren't violent (yes I believe spanking, smacking, tapping, popping, etc are violent forms of punishment. Some more so than others).

I also dont' think kids today are any different then they were previously, nor do I think there is a lack of discipline. I read an interesting article that said that every generation says the exact same things about "kids these days" or "parents these days", and that they are normally the same, you just have a different view when you're an adult as opposed to when you were a kid.

My children are happy, healthy, respectful and independent and I've been able to do that without spanking of any sort and not yelling either. It's completely 100% possible.
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