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Re: Non minimalism?

Clothing and kids books. Clothes make me happy. It's just one of those things that I truly enjoy. I've found that by minimizing the things that aren't important to me, there is plenty of room for the clothes. I have learned to let go of the stuff that I don't intend on using anymore, but I still like to have a varied wardrobe for myself and my kids. As for the kids books, that's just important to me. I do have a kindle and had considered purchasing all of our favorites, but it's just not the same for a child I think. Plus after they outgrow the books we can pass them on to another child so that they can also have a collection of great books. I have thinned out all of the "crap books" or ones we didn't care for, but we still have a good amount of them and I don't feel guilty at all.

ETA- I forgot to add that we are not minimalist when it comes to DVDs either. That's mostly DH's doing, but we really enjoy watching movies and we seem to go through phases where we get tired of paying for cable and shut it off every couple years . I tried to get DH to confine them to a big cd type case, but he refuses. He's been getting rid of a lot of other stuff which is amazing for his hoarder personality so I decided not to give him to much grief about it.
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