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Re: Can anyone help me with some research?

Originally Posted by shen7 View Post
Hahahaha good luck with that :P

I would search PubMed and look at large health panel websites like WHO and governmental health agencies from different countries. I might check out Wikipedia too just for more ideas on sources/citations though obviously Wikipedia is not a citable reference.

I would NOT ask DS for "unbiased information" on this topic... This is exactly what I was looking for, just a start on where to look for publications. I have a couple of sources but am having a brain block on where else to look! I wrote that in a hurry. I know how things can be around ds and should have just requested credible information so that I can write an unbiased paper. I have my own opinion on this but I wanted to research this topic because I deal with educating patients on it sometimes at work.

Originally Posted by ~happy2Bamommy~ View Post
Try looking over in the parenting section.
Most,but not all, of the info there is going to be against circumcision though if I recall correctly.
Thanks I will do that!
Originally Posted by hac1224 View Post
I think you're going to have trouble finding unbiased sources for circumcision since the AAP, WHO and most other health organizations no longer support it except where (rarely) medically necessary.

BTW, both of my boys are circed from before I knew any different.
I did find where the AAP recently came out with new information on it. I will definitely check WHO, thanks!

Originally Posted by z2akids View Post
I would agree with this. Also, hit your local university's library and ask a librarian for assistance in locating research based articles.

I would also figure out how narrow or broad your topic will be. You are going to find different information if your topic is medical circumcision versus routine circumcision versus religious circumcision, etc.
I have narrowed it down to routine circ. I did let my instructor know that in my topic proposal I would not address religious reasons or medical necessity. Just routine newborn circ. Basically a good explanation of both sides as I would present it to a patient asking for information so that they may make the best decision for their family.

Thanks everyone!
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