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Installing issue...need suggestions!

I have a Britax Frontier for my 5 yo ds (it's an older version...but I'm not totally sure which one). I cannot get it installed properly in my 2003 Chevy Trailblazer.

For starters I cannot get it to hook to the LATCH. I have hubby has tried (and he's a big strong guy) and we can't get the latch mechanism far enough in the seat to catch. I want to keep ds in a 5 point as long as possible (he's about about 37 lbs right now). seatbelt doesn't seem to be long enough to do the long-path install. Although it's quite possible...probable even...that I'm doing something wrong as it's terribly confusing.

The short belt path doesn't get the carseat tight enough.

I've looked into a carseat install in our area...but the only one that is scheduled is on a day I cannot make it. (I went to the local Health Department to have them help me install ds2's seat rear-facing and the lady was an idiot. She had no idea what she was doing!!)

Am I doomed to never use this seat?? It's his favorite!

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