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Re: Forced to go with the Dave Ramsey Way.. lol

Originally Posted by happysmileylady View Post
Here's the thing about cash in actual dollar bills cash only. One of the biggest reasons to go to that sort of budget is that having actual cash dollar bills and using actual cash dollar bills to pay for things really truly does make you think just a bit more about the dollars you are spending. And this becomes more true the longer you use the system.

We use cash for almost everything. And in fact, DH gets paid every week, and we often have to take part from week 1, part from week 2, etc each month, so we always take that in cash too.

Groceries are in cash.
Mortgage is in cash.
DH's gas is in cash.
My gas is on the debit card and the tank gets filled up on the way to the ATM
Car maint is in cash
How do you pay your mortgage in cash? Do you have it through a local bank? We originally got ours through a local bank, but of course they immediately sold it.
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