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Re: Toddler with constant frequent loose BM's

My DD is going to be 2 on Saturday and has had this happen since she was around 11 or 12 months old. For about 6 or so months she was pooping 5 to 7 times every day and it smelled (still smells) awful. She has gone down to just once or twice a day and now has some harder BM's, but it still smells awful. I she's in her room with the door closed and poops, I can smell when I walk past the room. I mentioned this at all of her ped appointments and well checks since she was 12 months old and was told it was entirely normal. It doesn't seem to bother her other anymore, but there for a while, when she was pooping often she would also get horrendous diaper rashes. It seems to be getting better, slowly, so I guess it was just normal for her.

It could just be a normal thing, but once you get an appointment be sure to mention it JIC there is something there that needs to be treated. My ped never took a stool sample or anything, she just never seemed concerned about it.
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