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Tons of girly wool/some neutral!

I have tons of wool to destash! Im working on the pics now. I will have measurements up very soon. Pm me if you have any questions .

First up are the soakers. All are med except the pink/white sm Luxe with no tag and the knit sm Lamajama.

I lied the Baby beehinds is a large 14ppd sold
Blue Mamazluv creations 1 layer soaker m W9 1/2 R16 8ppd
play condition pink rw m W9 super stretchy R16 8ppd sold
Blue rw euc W8 R18 16ppd
yellow and green RW W9 R16 vguc 16ppd sold
Ice cream cone RW M W9 R18 vguc. it is a tad dingy in the front but will wash out. 16ppd sold
Lamajamas is listed as a s but fits the same as my m 10ppd
Sbish pink W9 R 18 18ppd sold

SBF fit dd until about 18mo. will get measurements soon. 17ppd

W9 R17 L8 not counting foot

Soakers and skirtys

Rw Skirty m W8 R18 18ppd sold
Disana green 12-24mo felted bulletproof W8 R19

Capris and bloomers

White jjbb capris or shorties H10 R16 L3 16ppd
green batik bum woolens bloomers...H10 R15 L5 counting ruffle
forgot colorway of the capris but they were crochet by Becky from Bumstoppers W10 R17 L6 17ppd


Ok longies
red an pink longies...I cant remember the name of the Momma that made these. they are crochet in the soaker and recycled sweater for the legs. waist can be folded down for more or less room. R:22 but adjustable W:14 and super stretchy L:9.5 15ppd
Purple longies...recycled cable sweater W:8 R17 L:8.5 12ppd
Hubba Bubba longies...H:10 R:15 L:9 16ppd
Lamby pants footed longies...R:14 W:16 L:11 11ppd sold


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