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Re: Just need to's another spanking thread

Originally Posted by JennTheMomma View Post
I'm a non-spanker and I hate that argument as well. Non-spanking does not mean no discipline. My kids have consequences, they just aren't violent (yes I believe spanking, smacking, tapping, popping, etc are violent forms of punishment. Some more so than others).
I also dont' think kids today are any different then they were previously, nor do I think there is a lack of discipline. I read an interesting article that said that every generation says the exact same things about "kids these days" or "parents these days", and that they are normally the same, you just have a different view when you're an adult as opposed to when you were a kid.
My children are happy, healthy, respectful and independent and I've been able to do that without spanking of any sort and not yelling either. It's completely 100% possible.
I almost completely agree with you 100%, the only disagreement is one previous poster mentioned 20 year olds having issues in the work place and moving back home, there is some truth to this. But the truth lies less in parenting and instead revolves around the culture as a whole, the tie in schools of "everyone is a winner" and "your special" type lessons that created a country of kids with the best self esteem of any other country, but
a lack of work ethic, and a belief they are so special, jobs should fight for them. I know
many people including myself who saw this in hiring postitions, but it's not all 20 year olds and I doubt it matters if they were spanked.

We don't spank I have never seen it work. The friends I had who were spanked tended to be sneakier and tended to talk to their parentsor trusted adults less when it mattered. I also love two of my friends teenagers so much! I have know both of these kids families since they were small. Neither family spanked and they are the kids I hope my kid grows up to be. So I get parenting advice from them. The teens of another few families who did not grow up so nice or together, one has a screamer for a parent and a very rare spanker, the others total spankers for parents, so don't taje discipline advice from them. Overall I do what works for us and seek help from those who have gone before me.

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