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It is sometimes so hard to rise above a situation. I am sure you need your Mother's support and it is so frustration and hurtful not to have it. I am sure you just want to yell "Really, really, Mom. Way to be there for me and show your love."

A totally different situation, but my sister's 2-year-old was not born in the "perfect" situation. (His dad was married at the time and while accepts him as his child, still hasn't told his parents he even has a child. Great guy, right.) my son is just 6 weeks younger, so we were pregnant at the same time, but I was married. It was hard for my mom to show complete support during the pregnancy, BUT as soon as Jakob got here, she is the wonderful grandma we all know her to be.

It might just take your mom a little time. Maybe just give her a chance.

I'd tell everyone this weekend and maybe if they wonder why your mom didn't say anything, say that you wanted to share the news at Thanksgiving when everyone would be together so your mom promised not to tell. That way you can give your mom a little more time to become supportive and you still get to let everyone know that you are pregnant.

But be prepared for reactions. Anything out of the norm seems to get reactions. When we got pregnant with our second child so quickly we had a few mixed reactions. Most thinking we were crazy. Oh well. We were happy and it was all that mattered.

Good luck and keep strong.
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