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Re: Cloth Wipes

I think you can NEVER have enough cloth wipes. I love ours and they get used for *everything.* Even when our diaper days are done I will probably hold onto a lot of them. There will always be sticky fingers and runny noses. =]

As for how many you *need* I would say 2 per diaper is a good rule of thumb. The good news is that cloth wipes work MUCH better than sposie wipes and you use less of them per change! Plus you just roll them up in the dirty diaper and wash it all together. Easy peasy.

Storage and use is different for everyone. We don't use a solution- just water. When the wipes come out of the dryer (with all the other fluff) I fold them in half and stack them. I keep them stacked and dry behind our wipes warmer at the changing station. Every day or so I grab a stack, wet them down really well with water- squeeze out the excess so they are as damp as I like them, and stick them in the wipes warmer. That way as I go to grab them throughout the day they are already wet and warm and ready to go. A lot of people keep spray bottles and wet each one but that would drive me nuts. The way we do it is as close to sposie wipes as I think you can get.

I *have* heard of people having issues with mold or mildew storing them this way but we haven't had that problem in the 2 years we've been using cloth wipes. I think that issue comes from people leaving them in there too long. For me, a stack that fills the warmer (Prince Lionheart brand, if it matters) will never last longer than a day anyway, so that might be why we've never had issues. That and using just water instead of fancy solutions. =]

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