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Re: Just need to's another spanking thread

Originally Posted by juliasmom View Post
I don't spank either and my parents didn't spank me or my 3 sisters. I discipline primarily by positive reinforcement, time outs and talking it out. I will never say I would NEVER spank any child of mine, because I believe you have to discipline in an effective way and if all else failed I would spank. However, I do think the gentlest, effective form of discipline is the best. I am truly disturbed when parents spank in anger and anyone who refers to it as "beating his/her a$$"...that makes my skin crawl. I have friends who spank and do so with a loving heart...I don't judge them for it.

ETA: Discipline shows in the manners and conscious of the child, so I let that speak for itself.
I have to agree with this statement, wholeheartedly.

I have "friends" that say things like this, and it infuriates me. Do they think that I beat my children's a$$es as well? If that's what they call it, then that's obviously what they think I do...

When someone says they beat their a$$, it makes me think of two grown men fighting in parking lot, hitting in the face and everything else.

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