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Re: Need to vent about my mother.

Blah... now my mom wants to "talk" tonight. Either we're going to end up having out or she'll actually tell me she doens't want me to annouce at Thanksgiving.

I suspect my sister or my father of telling her I'm upset with her... though sometimes with more time to think she comes to odd conclusions... like i don't want you to annouce... on her own.

I'm not even really angry I guess... just really disapointed.

Aside from this mess she still seems to think i have no idea what i'm getting in to and even went so far at one point to say... you know you can't give the baby back right. Gee no mom... i thought if it was tough I'd just call the stork up to take it away. And this from the woman who had 7 sleepers when i was born because she figured 1 a day was enough. I'm sure i do ahve some unrealisitic ideas about it all... but really what first time parent doesn't.
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