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Re: 1st bday ideas

I am having a family bday party for DD, but she will have cousins, etc.. there. I'm thinking about 9 other kids, and most of them are older (between 5-11yo). I tried to think of activities that she might be able to do to an extent but that would also keep the older kids entertained. We are having a Peter Pan themed party b/c my dad calls her Tink. Plans are:

1. Bubble pop/dance party. Kids of all ages love bubbles. I figured we can't go wrong here.

2. Following the Leader (like the song in Peter Pan). I figured the older kids can actually do silly things and try to copy each other. DD and the other toddler there can just toddle around and be silly.

3. Four Square. Do you know this old game? Again, I figured the older kids will actually be competitive about it but the 2 itty-bitties can just run amuck and have fun.
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