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Re: Just need to's another spanking thread

Originally Posted by leyash View Post
All of you that are saying kids aren't different these days...

How else do you explain the AMAZING rise in crime over the last 20 years? Crime rates are higher among 12-17 year olds than they EVER have been in the past.

Originally Posted by leyash View Post
I was speaking of kids that aren't disciplined. Not JUST spanked. And the reason that a good majority of 12-17 year olds act the way they do, is because they aren't disciplined as younger children. Crime rates are not studied among children that can't be punished for them criminally. That's why I used that age group.

Is this everyone's argument?

I just can't agree with it. When kids are disciplined, this teaches them to make better decisions, learn from their actions, take responsibility, and know that there are consequences for things they do wrong. Kids that AREN'T disciplined, don't learn this because it is not taught to them.

Once again, I agree with both.

Originally Posted by leyash View Post
I have to agree with this statement, wholeheartedly.

I have "friends" that say things like this, and it infuriates me. Do they think that I beat my children's a$$es as well? If that's what they call it, then that's obviously what they think I do...

When someone says they beat their a$$, it makes me think of two grown men fighting in parking lot, hitting in the face and everything else.
I actually think this depends a lot on context and tone form the parent. For example, I have friends who calmly look at their kids and say, "I WILL beat you." I know they don't BEAT their kids, but they do spank, and that is just what they mean. They're telling their kid, "I've warned you, you're pushing it, and you're about to get spanked."

A parent screaming and totally out of control and cussing - "I will beat your A$$ !" - is out of control and should NEVER touch their child. The issue there isn't their parenting style or choice of whether to spank, they need to chill out before they can even discipline the child in ANY manner.

So I kind of think the way it's said and the context really matter. I don't think it always evokes the mental image of a parent wailing on a kid with a 2x4 for everyone, and I don't think that's what most parents who say it mean. But, I also think it's a really inflammatory thing to say, and it's really not nice at all.
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