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Re: Just need to's another spanking thread

Originally Posted by leyash View Post
I'm also talking about friends and family. My own friends and family don't always discipline when they should. There are people like this EVERYWHERE.

People have said that they REFUSE to punish in public for fear that someone will take offense to it, and choose to get other people involved. Because of this, they don't always discipline their children when they should.

Obviously I am not going to argue my friends and family with you. My point is, there ARE parents out there that are afraid to discipline their children for fear of getting in "trouble" or offending someone.
Yes, which is a legitment fear. There are so many threads here on DS about "I'm going to call CPS on my neighbor because..." and a lot of times it is not dangerous, harmful, neglect, etc. Just different parenting views. Too many people these days feel they can dictate how other's run their families. That is scary.

However, you made it sound like it's this huge problem etc. Well I don't agree, and studies don't either. Most people discipline and no matter what you're going to have parents who don't, probably because they dont' care. And not disciplining in public is different then not every disciplining. You pick your battles.
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