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Re: Farming/Homesteading October Chat Thread

Eh...not into much today. It's still soaked outside and muggy. Ds and I tidied up the house then went to the thrift shop to drop off some donations and things this morning. Of course I decided to take a walk around and came out with a nice long dark blue shirt with small white dots (It's looks so dainty...and vintage), a jean skirt, and a pair of pjs for Ds with larry the cucumber (He LOVES veggie tales ) on them. $10 is all I spent. Dh thinks the buttons on the blue skirt are too big and makes it look a little too vintage so I'm going to take them off and put new buttons on it. Then we came home, ate lunch, tidied Ds's room and he went down for a nap and I've been vegging out for the last hour. grr.

This afternoon I am going through piles of junk (papers piled on the bookshelf, desk and table). Shouldn't take long at all. I'm not feeling very sentimental about junk today. Then I need to fold 2 loads of laundry from yesterday and toss in a load to decrease my list for tomorrow. Need to make some wipe solution. We were using cloth with just water and some disposables here and there. I think they are the source for Ds's diaper rash all the time now that I've gone through so many different types of diapers trying to find one that he doesn't get rashy from. And all along I'm almost sure it was from the chemicals in the wipes. Then after that's done, HOPEFULLY I can work on sewing if time allows before Ds wakes up. I have a pile of 4-5 shirts to be taken in, 2 dresses to be taken in, 1 dress to be mended, a shirt to be hemmed, a few pairs of jeans/pants needing mended, some diapers that need fixed, a few things that need upcycled, and christmas projects to work on and now new buttons need added to that skirt. These will get worked on over the next few weeks as time allows.

One of these next days while Ds naps and once it's dry enought I'm getting the tiller out and tilling up the garden...It seems everything is done and I have big plans for this spring!! Dh gave me reins on what we do with our garden this coming year since this year he didn't listen to me at all and planted too much or too little of what we needed in some areas.

We are going to visit gram and pappy tonight for dinner so I don't have to cook. I love that they do this for us once a week.
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