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Re: Intra-articular steroid injection in hip

Originally Posted by amegrl520 View Post
^sorry didn't finish my post up there

Glad to hear that went well. How have you been doing? I dont remember seeing an update in your other thread. Have they narrowed down a cause for the pain?
Ah, well, kind of. They found a labral tear (the ligament that stabilizes the hip). However, it's posterior (in the back), which is a rare location. And my pain is in the front (but is typical labral tear pain). So the surgeon is only 50/50 on whether that's causing my pain. We tried a steroid shot in the bursa last week (just under the skin). It only helped for a couple hours. So we scheduled this joint injection. If this doesn't work, I may be looking at surgery in a few months.

I had my infusion and chemo on Friday (for the Crohn's) and that helped the SI joint pain a LOT, so that tells me that pain was Crohn's-arthritis-related. But it did nothing for the hip pain. I'm also doing PT twice a week.
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