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Re: 2yo Fighting diaper changes

My son did this as well. He still "fights" a bit, but mostly in a silly way where he wants us to chase him.

One thing that really really helped him was explaining wet and dry. We mostly use diapers with cotton interiors so that he can feel when he pees (we mostly use Grovia AI2s and some other AIOS, like BGEs, Grovias, and Swaddlebees). I did this to simplify our diapering routine (since I now have 2 in cloth, so it helps to have him out of pockets... we only use those for naps and overnights so he feels dry), and to help ready him for learning to use the potty.

Anyhow, when it was time for a diaper change I would tell him to come feel the dry diaper. When I changed him, I'd also let him feel the one that was wet. This really piqued his curiosity and he started telling me when he felt other things that were wet or dry. He began fighting diaper changes a lot less when we started doing this. Asking him to feel the dry diapers and explaining that we needed to get him out of the wet diaper seemed to make him stop and think, which derailed his tantrums a bit.

It's also just a good step to take in understanding their bodily functions. My son isn't quite ready to PL but he's getting close. Now he (usually) tells us when he pees/poops, and will sometimes pee and then sit on the potty. I can see him starting to make those connections.
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